Goldstück at Home AG

Goldstück at Home AG

Goldstück is bringing people together - easily, efficiently and economically. Thereby we generate win-win situations with unconventional approaches.

This means that we demonstrate our precious gold pieces to society and want to make them available. 

Homecare Company

  • We are a private Home care Company where our students make their first experiences with Care
  • We link care personnel and employers for employment, holiday replacement or temporary support.

Expert activity

  • We are giving lectures and enhance panel discussions in health care and economy business.
  • We successfully work with health insurances, education partners, investors and economy.

We know that we learn new things every day and let us get inspired from each other. With this knowledge we realise valuable situations every day to discover new gold pieces.

«Capital can be obtained, humans have to be won.»

Hans von Rohr