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Against the shortage of specialists in health care

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"Basic course for care" is giving an insight into health care for interested persons and offers the opportunity to complete the SRC nursing assistant course in a shorter period of time. The first training course with 17 participants that first attended the "Basic course for care" is currently taking place in Winterthur.

In Winterthur 17 future nursing assistants are attentively following the course content of the first shortened training course “SRC nursing assistant”, which is held exclusively for participants of the "Basic course for care". Goldstück AG is organising this course. The Swiss Red Cross of the Canton of Zurich is contributing the lecturers and course facilities. 

Exclusively participants of the "Basic course for care". 

The "Basic course for care" has been presented six times since last autumn. The five-day course is offering first basics and a realistic occupational image for interested persons who intend to work in nursing or care. «I participated the "Basic course for care" and I am working in Spitex zur Mühle since then» says Salima White, who is now also attending the training course “SRC nursing assistant”, which is shortened by two days. «I will be realising for customers what I am learning here. I am looking forward to that.» Also Susan Frauchiger attended the "Basic course for care" first and is now participating in further education:  «Our lecturer was working in care for years. She is really conveying her passion!» As all participants also attended the "Basic course for care" the learning level is said to be the same. «In this way learning makes fun», says Claudia Stierli.


«The concept against lacking specialists is working!»

Barbara Radtke is the initiator and organisor of the "Basic course for care", who was formerly the owner of Spitex zur Mühle. Radtke sold Spitex zur Mühle, but is continuing the courses with her new Goldstück AG. «The concept is working», she says happily. People living in Switzerland can find out with the "Basic course for care" if they really want to work in the health sector. For those who like the work and are qualified a job in care can be found. Then the course for nursing assistants is following. «Thanks to this offer also those people find their way to care and into the health sector, for who the obstacles have been too high until now.» The offer serves a demand. «We already have applications for the next course “SRC nursing assistant” that will take place next January.»


The shortened course "SRC nursing assistant" is divided into two modules with 9 course days each. The first module is communicating the important basics for care and the assistance of healthy, ill and handicapped persons. The second module deepens the focus on care and assistance for elderly people.