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Job-Speed-Dating for health care

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With Job-Speed-Dating in the health sector persons shall be found for nursing and care responsibilities that live in Switzerland. About thirty job seekers and nine companies searching for employees participated at the first event of its kind in Zurich. Spitex zur Mühle AG organised the Job-Speed-Dating in cooperation with the Office for Economics and Work (AWA) and the Employment Placement Office (RAV) in Zurich. 

The demand for suitable care and nursing personnel in Switzerland is huge. Considering the demographic development it will further increase. „The resources in Switzerland are not yet exploited“, says Barbara Radtke, owner of Spitex zur Mühle AG. She is the initiator of to initiatives that are now tested and implemented in cooperation with the Office for Economics and Work if the Canton of Zurich (AWA) and the regional Employment Placement Office (RAV).

One initiative is Job-Speed-Dating for the health sector. A first Job-Speed-Dating already took place in the self-help centre in the city of Zurich. Nine institutions, among them the Clinic Hirslanden, Home Instead, Spitex Gossau etc., communicated in short interviews with job seeking skilled specialists from health care. The main focus was a first personal meeting. In case of mutual interest an in-depth job interview was arranged.

The job seekers prepare for the Job-Speed-Dating a week in advance by using role-plays and tips concerning their behaviour in job interviews. Then a registered nurse recommended which persons should be invited for the meeting with potential employers.

Course offerings for lateral entrants

Another initiative is the "Basic course for care". This offer is dedicated to lateral entrants and occupational returnees, job seekers, students and those already caring or nursing relatives. The basic course takes five days and finishes with a certificate. With that course graduates can gain experience during an internship or fixed employment, process their own orders over the internet platform or attend the course "SRC nursing assistant" in a shorter period of time.

The initiatives are well received: About thirty job seekers and nine companies participated at the first Job-Speed-Dating. The "Basic course for care" was already realised twice. The third course starts end of January and is also already booked out. In total nine courses are planned. In autumn the initiatives will be evaluated. The results are the basis for further development of the offers then.