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Meeting of the Chinese Red Cross and Goldstück

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 Meeting of the Chinese Red Cross and Goldstück at Insel-Spital & BZ Pflege

Barbara Radtke (Member of the Board of Directors of the Insel Group) and Uwe E. Jocham (President of the Insel Group) welcomed the visitors to the main entrance of the Inselspital. The delegation was chaired by Ms. Jiang Dan (Director Business Development Center of the Red Cross Society of China) and was composed of ten people. The visit was primarily for the exchange of experience in medical education. These are crucial for the Chinese Red Cross - it operates in the country of the middle 5,000 nursing homes. In view of the demographic development in China, training in care will become even more important. The delegation visited the University Emergency Center. There, Dr. Piotr Bednarski (Senior Physician) and Petra Fuchs (Head of Nursing) discuss emergency procedures. The delegation made a tour of the intensive care, emergency and operating rooms. At the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Mueller (Managing Director of the Co-Clinic) and Edith Gabriel (Head of Nursing Services) on gynecology and obstetrics and primary care for newborns. The Chinese delegation presented the island group with a wooden model of a Chinese temple and a calligraphic image. In return, she received a Swiss rock crystal, a jukebox and medical flashlights. After a joint lunch at the Panorama Restaurant, the Chinese guests visited the Bernese Nursing Education Center in the afternoon


Interview in Sanitas Magazin

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Testimonial to the Sanitas project

The Sanitas gold piece project "Supporting Home Living" brings real value to customers. The cooperation with our service providers works great. Thank you all involved!

Here the Video: und 

here the Article:ützt_im_Alltag___Sanitas_Magazin.pdf


Barbara Radtke becomes board member of Insel Group

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Goldstück congratulates !

The Insel-Hospital group

In January 2016, the Inselspital merges with Spital Netz Bern AG to become Insel Gruppe AG. This will create the largest and leading medical care system in Switzerland.

With its six locations in the canton of Berne: the Inselspital, University Hospital Bern, the city hospital Tiefenau, the rural hospitals Belp, Riggisberg, Münsingen and Aarberg, the Insel Group unites basic care with top-level university medicine and teaching with research.

The Insel Group treats around 500,000 patients from more than 120 nations each year. The island group stands for highest treatment quality. The core of their range of services is the graduated care model, in which patients receive the best possible treatment in the best location and in the shortest possible time. As hospitals with a public service mandate, their facilities are open to all patients. The highly specialized Inselspital grants access to the latest developments and methods in all fields of medicine at any time.

With more than 10,000 employees, the Insel Group is one of the largest employers in the Bern region. In addition, the Spitalverbund is the most important further education institution for young doctors and a top training company for a large number of occupations.


E-Learning für elderly care

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Tailored knowledge online for carers and relatives

Eskamedia and Goldstück launch e-learning for caregivers and relatives. Locally independent, flexible in terms of time and tailor-made for care in old age, caregivers and relatives can acquire or deepen their knowledge online.

Authors include physicians, nursing professionals and journalists specializing in medical topics. New modules are constantly being added.

More informations here: and


Cooperation SAQ and Goldstück

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Certification system "Certified nursing assistant SAQ"

The SAQ Swiss Association for Quality as a state-accredited personal certification body in accordance with ISO 17024 will offer an attractive solution for the national and international landscape of caregivers with the certification system "Certified nursing assistant SAQ". Goldstück supports SAQ in the area of certification.


Sanitas und Goldstück launch care giver offer

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Well taken care at home

SUPPORTING AT HOME is a new service provided by the Sanitas to improve the counseling, support and care of people in need of care and their relatives. It is aimed at Sanitas customers with semi-private or private supplementary hospital insurance and with a corresponding need for care or advice. Sanitas wants to relieve its customers in every phase of a necessary care or long-term care in everyday life and provide them with access to a suitable service provider and the corresponding assistance. With LIFE SUPPORT, Sanitas can help its customers and their dependents early on and meet their specific needs. Sanitas wants to offer its customers orientation and added value in the area of ​​care and support. With a multi-stage needs analysis, the individual needs are determined. In cooperation with Goldstück, individual solutions can be found. The customer and his relatives receive easy access to competent providers and orientation in the care system. This relieves the strain on everyday life and improves the quality of the support chain.

Final report for project with AGE - Foundation

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Integration through Caregiver education as a project with the AGE-Foundation.

In the final report for the AGE Foundation, Goldstück writes a summary of the efforts and achievements in integration for refugees as nursing assistants.ück_Schlussbericht.2018.pdf

Keynote Speech at CEIBS

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Thanks a lot for joining this brilliant event.

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a joint venture for management education, was co-founded by the Chinese government and the EU. Today CEIBS is committed to educate responsible leaders about innovation and excellence. 

It was an honor to talk about swiss healthcare models, service excellence and answer all the questions from these smart guys. 


First chinese Goldstück-Trainer

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Successful Train-the-Trainer for Dujiangyan School

Teachers and governmental officials from Dujiangyan School in Chengdu were trained by Goldstück Group as experts for the successful "Basic course for care". The goal is to implement the curriculum in the Dujiangyan School for a new healthcare education department.

Thanks very much to Hirslanden, Spitex Limmat, Tertianum and Wagerenhof for the field trips which gave the chinese students a precious inside of the Swiss healthcare system.

Goldstück and HaiYang Group signed Joint Venture in China

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Scope of the cooperation is to develop the healthcare market in China

HaiYang group is the leading chinese group for security services, hospital logistics, property management and information technology. Scope of the cooperation is to develop the healthcare market in China. We are very proud and looking forward to work with HaiYang Group.


Goldstück expand to Poland

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Goldstück prepares polish Caregiver for jobs in Switzerland

Goldstück among the best 150 chinese social innovations projects

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Congratulations to our team's successful entry into the mid-term evaluation of the 2018 Shanghai Women and Children's Family Innovation Project Competition.

Congratulations to our team's successful entry into the mid-term evaluation of the 2018 Shanghai Women and Children's Family Philanthropy Service Innovation Project Competition. This is the first charity activity of Goldstuck Academy in China. Next, we will facing final review and road show.  We are look forward have a better performance.


Study confirms Goldstück-Strategy

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Social Transformation in the swiss Care System

A recent study by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute shows an impressive way of transforming the care system. Read more:


First international Nurse assistant course

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Goldstück starts to train internatonal trainers. 

Cooperation Dujiangyan Vocational School and Goldstück

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Goldstück and Dujiangyan vocational school work together

As a strategic positioning of the Dujiangyan city as a healthcare-touristic city, the government want to combine a caregiver- and hotel management program. 


Filming for E-Learning

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The new E-Learning as an additional to the practical courses will be ready in january - in german, english and chinese. Together with Medignition and Contentmakers Goldstück creates an exciting e-learning tool with questions, film tutorials and observation tasks. This can be used as assessment, repetition or as an teaser to check if a career in the Healthcare system is suitable. 



Age Foundation supports Goldstück at Home project

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Goldstück innovation is rewarded by Age Stiftung

The integration project "Goldstück at Home", which gives graduates a placement on an internship at the Goldstück nursing assistant course, is supported by the Age Foundation with start-up funding of CHF 50,000.

Film records about Goldstück

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Impressions from Chengdu-Training


A film team accompanied Goldstück during a training course at a vocational school for nursing

Merrill Lynch study about caregiving

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Honor, responsabiliy and financial complexity

Merrill Lynch and Age Wave are collaborating on a new research initiative to gain greater understanding of the experiences and challenges people face during different life stages. Through a series of studies over the coming years, we will investigate people as they journey through distinct life stages.

Key note speech at Shanghai international Homecare Forum

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Inspiring speeches from different speaker at Shanghai international Expo and Forum for Homecare


First Goldstück Campus in Vocational School in Chengdu

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Goldstück and the Civil affairs officer school cooperate

Interesting cooperation between Civil Affairs officers School (Sischuan Zhixiang) and Goldstück. The vice ministery witnessed the signing ceremony


Leyu Homecare & Goldstück develop homecare platform

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 A new online-platform will help to find the right caregiver

Starting to bring skills together from China and Switzerland - exciting new project in Chengdu


Key note speech at Health Care Expo in Chengdu

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First China (Sichuan) Senior Welfare and Wellness Industy Summit

NIIA (National Institute of interdisziplinary Institute of ageing) organised the first Senior Welfare and Wellness Industry Summit in Chengdu. Interesting speaker from national Committee of CPPCC, Real estater, WHO, and Ministery of Civil affairs inspired the big audience.

Cooperation SEG and Goldstück

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Swiss Hospitality and Health care Programme 

The two fastest growing markets in China are Health Care and Hospitality. We created with SEG for Chinese Management a 4-week-Culture Exchange in Hospitality and Health Care. This Programme is perfect for Real-Estate companies who are developing the health care market

The programme will be offered from 2018 also in China.

Cooperation Far East Horizon und Goldstück

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Chinese delegation of listed company at Goldstück

The listed company Far East Horizon Ltd. (Baikun Healthcare) and Goldstück are in constructive talks about cooperation.


Cooperation Zhiren Group und Goldstück

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Zhiren Group and Goldstück take over 9 nursing homes in Chengdu

Goldstück is involved as a partner with Zhiren group in various large real estate projects in the healthcare sector.

Teamwork Spitex Bachtel und Goldstück

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Goldstück and Spitex Bachtel enter into cooperation

The current Spitex Bachtel newsletter describes the cooperation between Spitex Bachtel and Goldstück.

Article in the Economic Newspaper on Refugee Project

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Article in the Economic Newspaper on Refugee Project

Article in the Economic Newspaper on Refugee Project

MEDINSIDE reports on refugee project

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Interview with Monika Krummenacher about the current refugee project

Interview with Monika Krummenacher about the current refugee project

Goldstück member of the United Global Compact

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Goldstück operates according to the 10 Global Compact principles

Goldstück is a member of the United Nations Global Compact. This means that we fulfill fundamental responsibilities in the fields of human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption. By incorporating the Global Compact principles into strategy, policies and procedures, as well as creating a culture of integrity, which not only maintains our basic responsibilities for people and the environment, we also create the prerequisite for long-term success.


Cooperation Goldstück und Comparis

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Goldstück and Comparis launch the first Home Care comparison in October.

Around 1200 Spitex and care organizations will be registered in the next days for a first self-declaration. Subsequently, the criteria are defined with a professional advisory council. Plan is an online comparison with additional telephone consultation offer for relatives and assigners.

The aim is that relatives, doctors and assigning bodies find the appropriate care organization for their respective sitation and the offers of the individual providers are comparable.

First refugee gold pieces active

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31-year-old Angesom Tesfay Embaye from Eritrea has got a good start in the age and care center Turmmatt and learns there much for life.

You can find the whole article here: reports on Goldstück at Home

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Instead of care migration, Goldstück creates care jobs for refugees

Refugees have no access to the labor market in Switzerland - more recently, the media reported more recently.

As an alternative to care migration, Goldstück trains refugees as nursing assistants and offers internships at Spitex, private families and Pflegheimen. We have already found the necessary seats thanks to our project partners. After the internship, the participants will work as market observers on the market. They also have the opportunity to train themselves.

This will enable them to earn their livelihoods themselves and to open up career prospects. They also make a valuable contribution to people's everyday life.

First refugees in spitex and private families

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Spitex organizations, private families and nursing homes offer internships for refugees

Goldstück at Home AG places the first graduates of the refugee Nurse assistant Course in different places. Spitex organizations such as Spitex Bachtel, Spitel Limmat, Turmmatt care center and private families offer opportunities for a 3-month internship.

During this period, the refugees of Goldstück at Home are closely followed personally by the lecturers who have previously taught. This is an important aspect, since valuable relationships have already been established in this first period of training, and these can now be deepened in cooperation with the companies and families.

The aim is that the refugee is employed directly after 3 months by the organization or private family. Goldstück at Home AG sees itself as a stepboard for the graduate nursing assistants / Spitex into the first labor market.

In the picture: Angesom Tesfay Embaye im Pflegezentrum Turmmatt (Wollerau)

Cantons and SEM support refugees

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Cooperations and framework agreements support Goldstück at Home AG

Goldstück at Home is supported on all sides by the innovative refugee project, with which recognized and temporarily admitted refugees can be trained as nursing assistants with a placement internship at Spitex or private families.

SEM also supports the project in a cooperative manner.


International Cooperation in China mit NIIA

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NIIA and Goldstück develop criteria for caregiver training in China

NIIA as National Interdisciplinary Institute of Aging and Goldstück develop with the Chinese government new standarts in the field of care.

At the end of October, NIIA organized the first National Healthcare / Wellness Expo in Chengdu on behalf of the Chinese government. Barbara Radtke of Goldstück will speak as a keynote speaker about education of caregivers.

Kooperation mit Great Hongqiao Hospital Group

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Goldstück etabliert sich in Shanghai

Great Hongqiao Hospital Group and Goldstück enter a strategic JV and set up an Academy for Care in Shanghai. The Great Hongqiao is a company with several subsidiaries in hospitals, oral care products, a Rehab clinic and other health care investments.


Dementia training in Sichuan Zhixiang

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Gold pieces trained in Chengdu

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Goldstück teaches at Vocational School in Chengdu (West China)

Meeting with Swiss Embassy in Chengdu

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Valuable meeting between Goldstück, NIIA and the Swiss embassy

Frank Eggman, consul of the Swiss Embassy in Chengdu, NIIA, the National Institute of Interdisciplinary Aging, and Goldstück met for a valuable discussion about the Chinese health care system as well as solutions.


Cooperation Spitex Bachtel and Goldstück

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Spitex Bachtel creates with Goldstück jobs for refugees

Goldstück at Home and Spitex Bachtel are launching a new opportunity for career advancement in the care of internships and later appointments for graduates from the nursing course Spitex.

Spitex Bachtel provides the inhabitants of the municipalities Gossau ZH, Hinwil, Rüti, Seegräben and Wetzikon as a strong regional network for outpatient care, care and housekeeping with individual services. As a nonprofit organization with around 160 qualified employees, Spitex Bachtel maintains, supports and supports those people competently and sustainably, who want to live independently at home. Existing resources of the clients and the relatives are preserved, used and promoted.

Juridically, the Spitex Bachtel is a non-profit corporation with registered office in Wetzikon. The municipalities of Bubikon, Gossau ZH, Hinwil, Rüti, Seegräben and the city of Wetzikon hold the shares.ück_at_Home.Konzept.DE.aktuell.pdf



Kooperation Feusi Schule und Goldstück

| Education

Goldstück and Feusi offer basic and nursing courses from September onwards in Switzerland.

The Feusi Educational Center is the leading private education provider. From the kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, maturity and commercial school to continuing education, the Higher Vocational College of Business HFW and further to the Private University of Applied Sciences PHW Berne, Feusi is the alternative to public schools. It offers a comprehensive and high-quality offer with federally recognized degrees for general education as well as for commercial and business education and further education.

For quality assurance, Feusi regularly performs customer and employee surveys and uses the findings gained from them for continuous improvement. Since February 2002, the Feusi eduQua has been certified.

Successful refugee course

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First class with recognized refugees successfully completed nursing care course

At the beginning of June, the first 10 recognized and temporarily admitted refugees received their test of the nursing course. From July, the participants completed internship through Goldstück at Home AG in Home-care companies (Spitex Bachtel, Spitex Limmat, nursing homes and private families)

Article about Refugee Project of Goldstück

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Article in the newspaper about the Goldstück-Refugee-Projectöfner.23.5.2017.pdf

New cooperation in China

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From 14 June to 18 June, the first publicly funded "Basic course for care"  takes place in Shanghai. Important discussions are also planned in June with government, universities and the Swiss Embassy. Gold piece is received in China with open arms with its offer. Teaching Basics:

More information about the Basic Course for care:


First class for refugees with german level B1

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Theory and practice combined for operations in care


Goldstück forms the first class for refugees in cooperation with WTL. With a language level B1, the accredited and temporarily accepted refugees are trained as nursing assistants in the Aathal and subsequently transferred to Praktikumsorte (institutions and families) via Goldstück at Home AG.

The following internships take up to max. 3 months, after which the trainee can be directly employed. Teaching is practically structured and the self-confidence of the participants is strengthened, in which step-by-step learning sequences are visible in a timely manner. Through such a step, a meaningful integration, improvement of the German language and a subsequent meaningful activity in the nursing care are strived for.

Gold pieces trained in chinese universities

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With a first engagement, Goldstück taught 40 bachelor's nurses at the renowned Second Military Medical University.

Other trainings took place in the Jinfuju nursing home group. In June 2017 further commitments as well as meetings are planned for concrete projects and B2B co-operation.


Third care assistant course successfully completed

| Education

This time, the third care aid course Spitex was an exciting mix of returnees and recognized refugees.

On the basis of this experience, Goldstück decided to offer the first course for recognized and temporarily admitted refugees and foreigners from May onwards. A subsequent internship place is then offered via Goldstück @ Home.

Please register at:

News from Goldstück

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Hereby you find the actual Newsletter from Goldstückück.April.2017_E.pdf

Goldstück founds Goldstü[email protected]

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Cheap support at home by Goldstück interns is the second subsidiary of Goldstück AG.

For 3'660.00 CHF per month, families who care for an elderly person at home, receive 2 interns, who together cover 140% of the vacancy rate (7 days / week). The internship is accompanied by a dipl nursing assistant with education experience.

The family is visited in an initial talk and the optimal intern is planned. Treatment care is always provided by a trained specialist or spitex organization. The trainees have all successfully completed the nursing course Spitex before the internship, are accompanied and regularly assessed.

You will receive an internship wage as well as ensure compliance with the Labor Code. After max 3 months, the family can hire the trainees themselves, or the spitex organizations can hire the experienced specialists. A family can book a maximum of three internship cycles - afterwards, there is only the possibility of fixed positions.

This unique opportunity is a win-win situation for all participants and helps our trainees gain initial experience in the field of care. [Email protected] is a company with a personnel license and a member of Swissstaffing. The project starts on June 1 and interested families can register directly at: Goldstück AG, [email protected] / 043 205 22 90

Goldstück forms refugees for care

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WTL as a professional in the area of ​​labor-market integration and Goldstück as an education provider in the area of ​​elder care start the training of recognized and temporarily accepted refugees in a pilot project.

Course contents are analogous to the speech level B2, however the students are supported with e-learning, which allows the deepening of the material at home.

The first pilot course starts on May 8th and lasts 3 weeks. Further talks are planned with those responsible for the asylum system and the Migration Office.

Goldstück develops E-Learning for Care

| Education

Parallel to theory and practical training, the participants complete regular learning sequences with the eLearning program. In addition, a knowledge check is carried out at the end of the theory education.

In order to ensure the know-how, interactive learning sequences, which are automatically assigned to the participants, are given at regular intervals. The results are held centrally in the participant profile and influence the defined learning path.

Goldstück is developing this program to ensure the teaching quality worldwide in collaboration with the partner easyLeran, who already has experience in the field of e-learning with hospitals. EasyLearn presents the software, Goldstück the content.

The program can also be used by spitexorgansations or online platforms, which provide nurses to check in an objective way the knowledge of the employees.

Founding Goldstück international AG for Asia-expansion

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With Irma Boogaard there is a very experienced Nurse and Head of Teaching on Board. Irma lives in Shanghai and knows the chinese Health care market very well. Yunyun Chen is the bridge between chinese culture and swiss economic background.

Goldstück developed China

| Society

After a successful Start in Thailand there are new possibilies in China

Discussions with Home Care Operators, the swiss embassy and a well-respected military academy were very successful.


Goldstück in Thailand again

| Education | Society

17 participants, among others trained nurses and students from Thailand and Singapore, acquired the practical knowledge to be able to care for elderly people. As in many Asian countries in education of professional nursing staff only the theoretical background is taught, the participants were very interested in the practical inputs from Switzerland.

In June Goldstück will teach about Dementia



Goldstück as Jury by Advantage Austria

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Goldstück is Innovator and alsways looking for new investments in Health Care Startups.

The  AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA und AWS i2 Business Angels Austria organized the Pitching Days. Next to the pitching to the investors was a very nice social program includet which brings the Startups and Health Care  Company in a dialog. 

Barbara Radtke was a jury member in the Austrian pitching day. 



Cooperation Goldstück und Staff FINDER

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Goldstück is new Business partner for Staff Finder.

Starting in december 2016  Goldstück and the der Online-Recruiter will work together tight.  For the new Health Care platform from Staff Finder, Goldstück will work with OdA Santé as a Trainingspartner for Newcomer. 

Information about the training and staff FINDER:

New courses here hier:

Goldstück international

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Goldstück establishes first courses in Thailand

In cooperation with the renowned resort «Vivobene» in Chiang Mai Goldstück launched in November the first «Basic course for care».

15 participants, among others trained nurses and students from Thailand and Singapore, acquired the practical knowledge to be able to care for elderly people. As in many Asian countries in education of professional nursing staff only the theoretical background is taught, the participants were very interested in the practical inputs from Switzerland.

Different universities in Thailand, Malaysia and Shanghai showed their interest in a long-term cooperation. The next courses start end of January 2017.

After the course, the students made this little film:



Article about Basic Course for care in Migros Magazin

| Education | Society

René Rumo is careing for a hight maintenance man in Zurich

The education for his new job was with Goldstück in the Basic Course for care and the assistant nurse course in the campus.

Here is the article


Decision labour agreement recessed

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Entscheid über Aufnahme in Tarifvertrag erst im Mai 2017 definitiv


Seit Februar 2016 ist Goldstück darum bemüht, dass der neue «Pflegehelferkurs Spitex» als zusätzliches Angebot im Administrativvertrag aufgeführt wird. Dies bedeutet, dass Spitexorganisationen welche Krankenkassenleistungen für Grundpflegeleistungen abrechnen, dies dann auch für die Absolventen des «Pflegehelferkurs Spitex» tun könnten.

Als aktuelles Kriterium von Santésuisse muss der Kurs gleichwertig sein wie der aktuelle «Pflegehelferkurs SRK». Dies in Umfang, Dauer, Tiefe und Qualität. Der aktuelle «Pflegehelferkurs Spitex» wurde nach diesen Kriterien gestaltet. Die Spitexverbände müssten das Angebot nur dulden, denn Santésuisse ist grundsätzlich offen für Wettbewerb. Die aktuelle Meldung seitens Spitexverband Schweiz erreichte uns heute:

«Die Verhandlungsdelegation Administrativvertrag hat Ihre Anfrage bezüglich Aufnahme Ihres Bildungsangebotes „Pflegehelferinnen“ in den Administrativvertrag diskutiert. Sie kommt zum Schluss, dass die Aufnahme weiterer Bildungsanbieter eine vertiefte Prüfung bedarf. Sie hat eine Arbeitsgruppe eingesetzt, die mögliche Lösungen ausarbeitet und prüft. Die Arbeitsgruppe wird der Verhandlungsdelegation Vorschläge unterbreiten. Die Verhandlungsdelegation Administrationsvertrag entscheidet aufgrund der Vorschläge in ihrer nächsten Sitzung im Mai 2017 über das weitere Vorgehen. Marianne Pfister, Spitex Verband Schweiz»

Für die Arbeitgeber von «Pflegehelfer/innen Spitex» bedeutet das konkret, dass die Absolventen durchaus die Fachkompetenz haben - die Betriebe jedoch (noch) nicht Krankenkassen-Leistungen abrechnen können für deren Leistungen. Für Einsätze im Bereich der Betreuung oder in Betrieben in welchen die KK-Abrechnung für Grundpflege-Leistungen nicht zentral ist, hat dieser Entscheid bzw. die Aufnahme in den Tarifvertrag wenig Bedeutung und kann der «Pflegehelferkurs Spitex» als gleichwertig angesehen werden.  


Second Nursing assistant Home Care Course launched

| Education | Living

Mid of november starteted the second Nursing assistant Course in Aathal

With this Course the students will have opportinities to work in Home care Centers or in private Home care Company


News from the treasure chest

| Society

Short and succinct our latest news:


Goldstück as keynote speaker in Thailand

| Education | Society

Health care officials from all over the world met from 11th to 13th September in Chiang Mai for an exchange on demographic changes.

Prof. Ian Philp, professor at the University of Warwick, led the conference with participants from England, Thailand, India, China, Singapore, Portugal and Uganda. The exchange comprised of presentations from global home care organizations, Cambridge University, Health Nest Uganda as well as an interactive World Café, in which the guests talked about further developments in the health care sector.

Barbara Radtke was invited as a guest speaker to present Goldstück’s training and further education offer.

Market research in China

| Living | Society

The demographical changes in China are already clearly visible now.

People are not only getting older, more and more frequently also sons and daughters can’t care for their parents in old age due to the increasing life expectancy as well as their occupations in the cities and abroad. China is getting ready for entering the home care market, builds many care homes and supports home care organizations such as Buurtzorg. Buurtzorg already celebrated an enormous success in Europe with its innovative model.


Goldstück is eduQua certified

| Education | Society

eduQua is giving certified institutions market advantages as the image towards customers is improved and the certification is influencing the quality management in a positive way. 

Also concerning authorities the certification is an advantage: In different cantons the eduQua certificate is a prerequisite for receiving public money as a further education institution. The Swiss conference of the Cantonal Department of Education recommends the cantons "to control the quality of education providers in entire Switzerland according to the same criteria in future and making state subsidies predicate on a certain quality certification (eduQua)." 

The label eduQua defines and controls minimum criteria for the quality of further education providers.


Successful pilot course „Nursing assistant Spitex“

| Education | Society

On 13th June 2016 the first „Course for nursing assistant Spitex“ started with 19 participants. 11 attendees already visited Module 1 at Migros Klubschule and started directly with Module 2. 

The group was very heterogenic concerning gender, age, occupational and educational background and different care experiences. 3 men and 16 women from all over Switzerland started the first pilot course “Nursing assistant Spitex” together at the campus facilities of Goldstück in Aathal and they were excited about what to expect. Ursula Wegmann and Barbara Radtke have been the main instructors. Both are long-term lecturers with proven expertise, practical orientation and didactical training. Guest lecturers for introductory presentations accompanied them.

The participants spent 15 days with 8 hours each (120 lessons) in Aathal and benefited from a great mixture of practice and theory. As the training facilities at the campus are arranged like the apartment of an elderly person, authentic and practically-oriented learning was possible

Attached you will find a summary about the course




Goldstück is a new education partner at “temptraining”

| Education | Society

Those who are part of the collective agreement for contract staff benefit from subsidised further education.

Temporary staff receives up to CHF 5,000 for further education and up to CHF 2,300 as a compensation for loss of earnings. temptraining is active since July 2012 and realised more than 9,000 requests for further education with a value of 16 million Swiss Francs until now.

New Board of Directors for Goldstück

| Society

Caring for the ageing population will be a huge challenge for our country. It is getting more and more obvious that there will be too little well educated caregivers for this important task. Goldstück AG is thus offering practically-oriented solutions for the education and placement of caregivers.

The "basic course for care" already started successfully and Goldstück AG is offering it together with Migros Klubschule. The "Cource for nursing assistants Spitex" is newly launched as part of the Goldstück campus offer to comply with the huge demand for well-educated specialists in ambulant care.

The intermediary platform has already been implemented and the consultation of companies and their employees concerning questions about caring for relatives (elder care) is in realisation as well.  The organisation of care for relatives is likely the disproportionately greater challenge compared to childcare. This is why great employers are searching for more services and offers for their employees.

Barbara Radtke became known for founding the private "Spitex zur Mühle" and as multiple prizewinner (a.o. the Swiss Economic Award 2013). After selling "Spitex zur Mühle" she founded Goldstück AG, a company which is addressing according to her experience the hugest problem in care: the lack of suitable personalities - the gold pieces - who accept this challenge.  With Kurt Schaad and Thomas Bähler she is strengthening her strategic leadership of Goldstück AG for the expansion to new fields of activity.

Kurt Schaad (*1950) became known as presenter of the show „Karrussell“ and then developed and managed the formats "SF Fernweh“ and „ECO“. In 2010 he founded the youth channel JOIZ together with partners with which he won the Swiss Economic Award 2014.

Dr. Thomas Bähler (*1968) is a business lawyer at Kellerhals Carrard. He is a member of several Boards of Directors and as president he is thereby responsible for more than 2,000 employees and a turnover of more than 500 million Swiss Francs in total. He is active in the start up, young entrepreneurs and technology scene for 20 years now, a.o. as responsible for the Swiss Economic Award. As an active investor he is also holding shares of several companies.

Find caregivers online for free

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In cooperation with the partner company "" the cooperative online platform is further on heavily used. Individuals and care companies can find caregivers - free of charge - and can directly discuss the terms of employment.

Goldstück and are hosting this platform, but they generate no profits by doing so. The objective is to offer more affordable and transparent opportunities for individuals to engage a caregiver. is the first platform which demands for a minimum standard concerning the education in the field of care. The minimum standard for creating a profile is the "Basic course for care" and that Goldstück AG knows the respective user personally.


Cooperation with “Bildungszentrum Zürichsee”

| Education

BZZ is the leading vocational school for future-oriented teaching and learning at the Lake Zurich.  

BZZ is organisationally unifying apprenticeships in the fields of economy and retail trade as well as from the technical-commercial area as an education centre at the Lake Zurich BZZ. This sets favourable conditions for extensive networking, as well as for further education and company trainings. New in course offerings is now also the health sector.

Additional information about the course offering:

Quality assurance of lecturers

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To assure the consistent quality all lecturers are sent to an internal further education twice a year. Additional to current company information the lecturers are also filmed in unfamiliar course situations to further increase their competencies. Kurt Schaad and Barbara Radtke then give a differentiated feedback.


TV report about the “Basic course for care”

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Geneva is taking a new approach. The "Basic course for caring" is launched as a cantonal offer there, which can be attended by using education vouchers. This has the advantage that more people - also those with less financial means - can start their education in care. In a TV spot information and impressions about the "Basic course for care" are shown.

Goldstück as jury of MassChallenge

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Directly after the financial crisis in 2007 the global economy was falling into a long-term recession. In this difficult economical surrounding the MassChallenge was born and has a mission since then: supporting entrepreneurship for generating real values again. 

The charitable organisation with its head office in Boston is expanding to Switzerland and offers professional coaching for start-ups that are evaluated by a jury.

MassChallenge offers professional support for start-ups that assert in front of an expert jury. The programme contains a four-month coaching with working places, education and mentoring free of charge. Successful participants have the possibility to convince investors and win financial means of up to 1 million USD. The organisation is offering its «Accelerator» programme already in Boston, UK, Israel and Mexico. 

Learning for life

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Migros Klubschule is offering the "Basic course for care" in cooperation with Goldstück AG since beginning of this year. The course is suitable for lateral entrants or caring relatives, takes 5 days and is divided into 10 modules. 

Due to its practically-oriented implementation the participants feel and experience what it means to touch, transfer, wash and communicate with a person about personal topics. After these 5 days it is very likely that the participants can say if and in which form they are suitable for an occupation in this field. 

You can find the complete article here:




New: Course for nursing assistants Spitex

| Education

Due to the further increasing demographical development and the expansion of the ambulant area Goldstück is launching the "Course for nursing assistants Spitex" in cooperation with the Spitex organisations.

The course is practically-oriented and has been developed basing on discussions with leading and smaller public and private Spitex and caring organisations. First talks with the professional association and SantéSuisse show positive reactions. The pilot course is started in June 2016. 

199 gold pieces educated until today

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The "Basic course for care", that has been launched in autumn 2015, is finding more and more acceptance in terms of employment in the field of care and the areas of private or non-remunerated care.  

Private or public Spitex organisations, individuals and care homes employ increasingly participants of the "Basic course for care" and let them be internally trained or by means of a nursing assistant course. This development is helping to a large extent that more and more people can afford care for their relatives at home with caregivers living and working in Switzerland.  

Pilot projects with public Spitex organisations and hospitals are planned and the new own nursing assistant course (analogue to “SRC nursing assistant”) will be offered in autumn. Talks with SantéSuisse and the health insurances let us expect additional opportunities.

Care needs people and also market

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New education models want to generate competences and share the work among more hands. Evaluations of Avenir Suisse from February 2016 showed that Switzerland has the highest caregiver density of all OECD countries. Namely 17.4 caregivers per 1,000 inhabitants. The study concludes that not only the offer but also the high demand shall be questioned. 

The study suggests developing new models, in particular for the ambulant sector, in order to allow that care professionals can concentrate on the medical care and other caregivers or relatives can take over the nursing support. Opinions differ concerning the discussion about whether these services should be offered privately or publicly. Stefan Knobel, president of the Spitex cantonal association, thinks that care and nursing support should not be handed over to profit-oriented companies. Barbara Radtke has a different point of view and is taking a new path with the "Basic course for care" to alleviate personnel problems.

Here you can find the complete article



Video about the “Basic course for care”

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The "Basic course for care" is setting the foundation for a respectful interaction with elderly people. The course is aimed at lateral entrants, returnees after family breaks or caring relatives and offers an introduction into health care. After 100% compulsory presence and a successfully completed final test the participants receive a certificate for the "Basic course for care". is writing about our online platform

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The successful completion of the "Basic course for care" is the minimum requirement in the field of care for registering on this platform. In this way a minimum standard is created for this formerly opaque sector. Individuals can contact caregivers directly over this platform and individually negotiate the terms of employment.  The platform allows the easy completion of employment formalities for individuals.

The service is free of charge and is offered by Goldstück AG in cooperation with Goldstück AG was founded about a year ago and is focussing on three topics. These are besides education - among others with the "Basic course for care" - living and society. The company was founded by the multiple prizewinner and serial entrepreneur Barbara Radtke. enables the conclusion of an employment with just a few clicks. Instead of communicating with different contact points to correctly register and insure domestic workers users have one competent contact person for all requirements. is offered by ServiceHunter AG and is online since autumn 2011. The spin-off of ETH Zurich has currently 12 employees and is cooperating with all cantonal compensation funds and tax authorities in Switzerland. is supported by the Federal Promotion Agency for Innovation (KTI).



New care platform with

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On the current care market it is hard to find suitable caregivers for private employment. Goldstück and launch an easy solution for this demand.

The first certified online platform with a minimum label of "Basic course for care" shall offer a convenient platform for individuals, Spitex organisations and care homes to find suitable gold pieces. Private employments are easy and affordably realisable due to the cooperation with As specialist for legal employment at home is caring about the registration, settlement and insurance of your gold piece. For more information go to

This offer is free of charge for providers and searchers and shall let our gold pieces shine.


Campus for care Open house day

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On Saturday, 30th January 2016 about 75 persons visited the "Campus of care". We laughed a lot at the wheelchair obstacle course, the eye test and our Goldstück quiz.  15 courses from "Campus of care" and one "Basic course for care" were won at the raffle. 

At "Campus of care" caring relatives and lateral entrants are trained and further educated. Objective of the comprehensive course offering is a fundamental basis for care tasks at home. The "Campus of care" is the first of its kind: the training room is designed like an apartment, which facilitates practically-oriented learning.



Basic course launched in Romandie

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The "Tribune de Genève" writes in its article: "According to statistics about 2 million additional people will be in need of care in the year of 2030." Furthermore it stated about the question of why a private provider launched this offer that: "Because it is satisfying a demand as more elderly people need care than public institutions could offer." Geneva even makes the suggestion that education vouchers could help that more people visit such courses and thus also care for their relatives at home. This is a concrete approach for taking a new path in health care. 

Here you can find the complete article



«Also in care a certain minimum standard is required»

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Goldstück developed a course that should facilitate the introduction to nursing and care. Thereby the potential of domestic employees shall also be better exploited.

In the article the general manager Barbara Radtke emphasises «In the field of care still no quality standard exists that a care organisation has to comply with. It should be an objective that finally a minimum standard for care is defined – a standard also foreign care migrants and domestic care organisations need to comply with.»

Complete article


Care has to be learned

| Education

The care of elderly people needs time, personnel and instinctive feeling - assuring this at home is not easy. A five day basic course at Klubschule Migros offers now an easy introduction to care. 

Migros-Kulturprozent is citing Barbara Radtke in its article as follows: «The care market is currently very heterogeneous. We want to introduce unified standards.» Migros-Kulturprozent is describing the situation as follows: The social change means that it will be harder in future to cover this work by voluntary workers. Additionally families with relatives who need care the whole day have financial deficits that negatively influence the pension provision. A professional training not only prepares caregivers to their challenging tasks but also allows them to perform it in a regular employment status.

Complete article



Goldstück is cooperating with Klubschule Migros

| Education

Goldstück AG is entering a partnership with Klubschule Migros: The "Basic course for care" will be offered in entire Switzerland as an offer of Klubschule Migros. Goldstück is providing the lecturers, trains them and develops the course continuously. Klubschule Migros is marketing the "Basic course for care".

Klubschule Migros is newly including the "Basic course for care" in its further education offer. Already starting with December 2015 the first "Basic course for care" will be held in the facilities of Migros Klubschule. The offer is geographically continuously improved and is planned to be finally available throughout Switzerland.

Klubschule Migros wants to make a contribution to change the current situation of skills shortage in the field of care and nursing. «The "Basic course for care" has a great potential to win more people for the care sector», says Barbara Radtke, initiator of the "basic course for care" and owner of Goldstück AG.

The "Basic course for care" exists since October 2014. In total already more than 120 people visited the course and received the certificate of care. Thanks to the "Basic course for care" many participants received a new job perspective.


Press release "Basic course for care"

Offer "Basic course for care" on the website of Klubschule Migros

Flyer "Basic course for care"

Website "Basic course for care"


Media coverage


Zürcher Oberländer




Yahoo! News


Lecturer course with Kurt Schaad

| Education

Goldstück AG perfectly prepared the lecturers of the "Basic course for care" for their responsibilities

The TV expert Kurt Schaad and Barbara Radtke trained the future lecturers of the "Basic course for care" intensively. All future lecturers have experience in communicating new contents. Thus the focus was laid on teaching at the limits. So training sections had to be prepared and presented although there have been disturbances to assure that also then the content is perfectly conveyed. «We filmed the lessons and analysed them subsequently together», explains Barbara Radtke, owner of Goldstück AG and director of the course, the procedure. «In this way learning is especially efficient.»

Networking of leaders

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Annually leaders meet at the Swiss Leadership Forum to exchange their ideas.

This year leaders met with the motto «Intercultural Leadership» in the Kongresshaus Zurich. How can tensions in teams with different cultural backgrounds be lowered and misunderstandings avoided?  How is lived cultural diversity affecting organisations and their development?  The participants found answers to these questions during the speeches and especially in direct conversations.

Against the shortage of specialists in health care

| Education

"Basic course for care" is giving an insight into health care for interested persons and offers the opportunity to complete the SRC nursing assistant course in a shorter period of time. The first training course with 17 participants that first attended the "Basic course for care" is currently taking place in Winterthur.

In Winterthur 17 future nursing assistants are attentively following the course content of the first shortened training course “SRC nursing assistant”, which is held exclusively for participants of the "Basic course for care". Goldstück AG is organising this course. The Swiss Red Cross of the Canton of Zurich is contributing the lecturers and course facilities. 

Exclusively participants of the "Basic course for care". 

The "Basic course for care" has been presented six times since last autumn. The five-day course is offering first basics and a realistic occupational image for interested persons who intend to work in nursing or care. «I participated the "Basic course for care" and I am working in Spitex zur Mühle since then» says Salima White, who is now also attending the training course “SRC nursing assistant”, which is shortened by two days. «I will be realising for customers what I am learning here. I am looking forward to that.» Also Susan Frauchiger attended the "Basic course for care" first and is now participating in further education:  «Our lecturer was working in care for years. She is really conveying her passion!» As all participants also attended the "Basic course for care" the learning level is said to be the same. «In this way learning makes fun», says Claudia Stierli.


«The concept against lacking specialists is working!»

Barbara Radtke is the initiator and organisor of the "Basic course for care", who was formerly the owner of Spitex zur Mühle. Radtke sold Spitex zur Mühle, but is continuing the courses with her new Goldstück AG. «The concept is working», she says happily. People living in Switzerland can find out with the "Basic course for care" if they really want to work in the health sector. For those who like the work and are qualified a job in care can be found. Then the course for nursing assistants is following. «Thanks to this offer also those people find their way to care and into the health sector, for who the obstacles have been too high until now.» The offer serves a demand. «We already have applications for the next course “SRC nursing assistant” that will take place next January.»


The shortened course "SRC nursing assistant" is divided into two modules with 9 course days each. The first module is communicating the important basics for care and the assistance of healthy, ill and handicapped persons. The second module deepens the focus on care and assistance for elderly people.


«There is so much potential»

| Education

The demand for persons that care for others is increasing. Today a lot of personnel are recruited from abroad. Barbara Radtke is taking another path. She is relying on «gold pieces» from the near surroundings, writes the March-Anzeiger.

During her time as owner of Spitex zur Mühle Barbara Radtke realised that the education of practitioners for supporting others is very important. Who wants to take a new occupational challenge could find his ideal profession in caring for others. Lateral entrants and occupational returnees often have life experience, which is especially important for care responsibilities. Due to this Barbara Radtke is offering with her new company Goldstück the"Basic course for care". Course graduates can then attend the shortened “SRC nursing assistant” course or get employed by a Spitex organisation.

 The course is said to be practically-oriented. Already 115 persons are stated to have already finished the course. 80 percent of the course participants want to continue. The others found out that health care is not their ideal occupation.

The article can be found here (.pdf)


«Goldstück» for Barbara Radtke

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Medinside, the portal for the health sector, is reporting about the change of operative management at Spitex zur Mühle. And about the plans of Barbara Radtke.

Medinside, the new online portal for the health sector, reports in a short news about the change of the operative management at Spitex zur Mühle. Medinside writes that the general meeting elected Barbara Radtke to the Board of Directors. And: «She is again developing a company.»

The article of Medinside can be found here

Editorial about long-term care in Senso

| Society

The health insurance Helsana is publishing its health magazine «Senso» four times a year. The latest edition features an editoral of Barbara Radtke.

The latest edition of the health magazine «Senso» is approaching the issue of long-term nursing and care at home. Barbara Radtke is writing in her editorial about the wish for independence, the high and too high care costs and the question if there are enough skilled professionals for care. Radtke seems to be sure:  «Currently not all resources are used», she writes. Those who need assistance for the first time when they are getting older rarely need high-qualified specialised nurses.  «Already a several day course is communicating important basics,» is she noting and means the "Basic course for care.


Here you can find the editorial in the health magazine «Senso»


Maintaining and expanding a network

| Education

Swiss Economic Forum SEF is the annually meeting of personalities from the economics field

Once a year personalities from economics, politics and media all come together in Interlaken. This meeting is perfectly suitable for maintaining and expanding the existing network. Entrepreneurial personalities and lateral entrants pick up on current subjects in kick-off presentations and state their opinion. At least as important are the possibilities to communicate with other economical leaders at this event.  In this way ideas and innovations have already been born.

Coaching Kreuz plus

| Living

The care living group Kreuz plus offers a home for eleven people. The management structures are less established. Goldstück is assisting with temporary management and coaching.

Since 2014 the care living group Kreuz plus is offering its services. In terms of its premises and personnel it is very close to the association Kreuz. It shows now that the close structures are managed insufficiently clear. The board of the association wants clear structures and operational procedures. 

Barbara Radtke from Goldstück is helping and temporarily leads the managers and board of Kreuz plus.





Job-Speed-Dating for health care

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With Job-Speed-Dating in the health sector persons shall be found for nursing and care responsibilities that live in Switzerland. About thirty job seekers and nine companies searching for employees participated at the first event of its kind in Zurich. Spitex zur Mühle AG organised the Job-Speed-Dating in cooperation with the Office for Economics and Work (AWA) and the Employment Placement Office (RAV) in Zurich. 

The demand for suitable care and nursing personnel in Switzerland is huge. Considering the demographic development it will further increase. „The resources in Switzerland are not yet exploited“, says Barbara Radtke, owner of Spitex zur Mühle AG. She is the initiator of to initiatives that are now tested and implemented in cooperation with the Office for Economics and Work if the Canton of Zurich (AWA) and the regional Employment Placement Office (RAV).

One initiative is Job-Speed-Dating for the health sector. A first Job-Speed-Dating already took place in the self-help centre in the city of Zurich. Nine institutions, among them the Clinic Hirslanden, Home Instead, Spitex Gossau etc., communicated in short interviews with job seeking skilled specialists from health care. The main focus was a first personal meeting. In case of mutual interest an in-depth job interview was arranged.

The job seekers prepare for the Job-Speed-Dating a week in advance by using role-plays and tips concerning their behaviour in job interviews. Then a registered nurse recommended which persons should be invited for the meeting with potential employers.

Course offerings for lateral entrants

Another initiative is the "Basic course for care". This offer is dedicated to lateral entrants and occupational returnees, job seekers, students and those already caring or nursing relatives. The basic course takes five days and finishes with a certificate. With that course graduates can gain experience during an internship or fixed employment, process their own orders over the internet platform or attend the course "SRC nursing assistant" in a shorter period of time.

The initiatives are well received: About thirty job seekers and nine companies participated at the first Job-Speed-Dating. The "Basic course for care" was already realised twice. The third course starts end of January and is also already booked out. In total nine courses are planned. In autumn the initiatives will be evaluated. The results are the basis for further development of the offers then.

Basic course for care - learning to care for people

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The "Basic course for care" is setting the foundation for professional care of people. It comprises ten modules that are completed within a week.

Goldstück is organising the "Basic course for care" in tight cooperation with Spitex zur Mühle.

The "Basic course for care" is aimed at lateral entrants, occupational returnees and people who intend to work in care or nursing. Or at people who care for their relatives. The course is communicating the fundamental basics for the care of people. Those who successfully finish the course receive a certificate. With this certificate the course «SRC nursing assitant» of the Swiss Red Cross of the Canton of Zurich can be attended in a shorter version.