We invest in Education

We invest in Education

Security training supervision (e-learning and webinar or 2 days classroom instruction)

In care, it is important to be able to cope with a wide variety of physical, communicative and emotional requirements in a healthy manner. The security training supervision teaches techniques and support in which caregivers can recognize and reduce physical and psychological stress at an early stage. This knowledge enables the caregivers to carry out their work healthy and committed over a longer period of time. The course concludes with the "Safety training supervision" certificate and serves as preparation for assignments in the supervision area. The course is considered SUVA safety training and can be credited towards the course "certified nursing assistant". It has a modular structure and lasts 2 days or can be completed in combined learning through eE-learning and classroom instruction / webinar.


Certified nursing assistant (e-learning and webinar or 15 days classroom instruction)

With a training program recognized throughout Switzerland as a "certified nursing assistant", you are laying the foundation for an entry into care. The course is aimed at people who want to work in the field of care and basic care. The course has a modular structure and lasts 15 days or can be completed in combined learning through e-learning and classroom instruction / webinar. The course concludes with the certificate "certified nursing assistant". The degree enables graduates to provide care and basic care in institutions, privately or in Spitex institutions and is officially recognized by the health insurance companies. 

This training has been recognized by Tarifsuisse and the two Spitex associations since November 2018 and corresponds to the requirements for courses in nursing assistance for the minimum qualification of employees with the health insurance companies. The training is recognized throughout Switzerland by all health insurance companies. 

Goldstück is a member of SVMB (Swiss Association of Medical Vocational Schools) and EduQua recognized. Persons subject to the collective employment contract also benefit from subsidized training (http://www.temptraining.ch). The training of the nursing assistant course includes 120 hours of theory and 15 days of practical work.

Information and registration for the courses offered at: http://www.campus-betreuung.ch



Goldstück works with Eskamedia in the area of ​​e-learning. Digital knowledge transfer in the health sector is offered on the web-based e-learning platform. With the "Nursing Learning" offer, Eskamedia offers online training and further education in the area of ​​care. Nursing learning authors are doctors, nursing experts and journalists specializing in medical topics. Nursing learning is continuously supplemented by attractive modules. More informations: http://www.pflege-learning.ch ;

You can find further information about nursing learning here: http://www.goldstueck.ch/images/Flyer_Pflege-Learning_A4.pdf


Certification process / Equivalence recognition for experienced caregivers

Experienced caregivers may be issued the certificate "Certified Nursing Assistant" as part of an equivalency procedure.  You can can submit the application with this form: http://www.goldstueck.ch/images/Gesuch_Gleichwertigkeit_Personenzertifizierung_PH.pdf

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