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Care needs people and also market

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New education models want to generate competences and share the work among more hands. Evaluations of Avenir Suisse from February 2016 showed that Switzerland has the highest caregiver density of all OECD countries. Namely 17.4 caregivers per 1,000 inhabitants. The study concludes that not only the offer but also the high demand shall be questioned. 

The study suggests developing new models, in particular for the ambulant sector, in order to allow that care professionals can concentrate on the medical care and other caregivers or relatives can take over the nursing support. Opinions differ concerning the discussion about whether these services should be offered privately or publicly. Stefan Knobel, president of the Spitex cantonal association, thinks that care and nursing support should not be handed over to profit-oriented companies. Barbara Radtke has a different point of view and is taking a new path with the "Basic course for care" to alleviate personnel problems.

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