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Cooperation Spitex Bachtel and Goldstück

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Spitex Bachtel creates with Goldstück jobs for refugees

Goldstück at Home and Spitex Bachtel are launching a new opportunity for career advancement in the care of internships and later appointments for graduates from the nursing course Spitex.

Spitex Bachtel provides the inhabitants of the municipalities Gossau ZH, Hinwil, Rüti, Seegräben and Wetzikon as a strong regional network for outpatient care, care and housekeeping with individual services. As a nonprofit organization with around 160 qualified employees, Spitex Bachtel maintains, supports and supports those people competently and sustainably, who want to live independently at home. Existing resources of the clients and the relatives are preserved, used and promoted.

Juridically, the Spitex Bachtel is a non-profit corporation with registered office in Wetzikon. The municipalities of Bubikon, Gossau ZH, Hinwil, Rüti, Seegräben and the city of Wetzikon hold the shares.ück_at_Home.Konzept.DE.aktuell.pdf