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Cheap support at home by Goldstück interns is the second subsidiary of Goldstück AG.

For 3'660.00 CHF per month, families who care for an elderly person at home, receive 2 interns, who together cover 140% of the vacancy rate (7 days / week). The internship is accompanied by a dipl nursing assistant with education experience.

The family is visited in an initial talk and the optimal intern is planned. Treatment care is always provided by a trained specialist or spitex organization. The trainees have all successfully completed the nursing course Spitex before the internship, are accompanied and regularly assessed.

You will receive an internship wage as well as ensure compliance with the Labor Code. After max 3 months, the family can hire the trainees themselves, or the spitex organizations can hire the experienced specialists. A family can book a maximum of three internship cycles - afterwards, there is only the possibility of fixed positions.

This unique opportunity is a win-win situation for all participants and helps our trainees gain initial experience in the field of care. [Email protected] is a company with a personnel license and a member of Swissstaffing. The project starts on June 1 and interested families can register directly at: Goldstück AG, [email protected] / 043 205 22 90