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Goldstück is cooperating with Klubschule Migros

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Goldstück AG is entering a partnership with Klubschule Migros: The "Basic course for care" will be offered in entire Switzerland as an offer of Klubschule Migros. Goldstück is providing the lecturers, trains them and develops the course continuously. Klubschule Migros is marketing the "Basic course for care".

Klubschule Migros is newly including the "Basic course for care" in its further education offer. Already starting with December 2015 the first "Basic course for care" will be held in the facilities of Migros Klubschule. The offer is geographically continuously improved and is planned to be finally available throughout Switzerland.

Klubschule Migros wants to make a contribution to change the current situation of skills shortage in the field of care and nursing. «The "Basic course for care" has a great potential to win more people for the care sector», says Barbara Radtke, initiator of the "basic course for care" and owner of Goldstück AG.

The "Basic course for care" exists since October 2014. In total already more than 120 people visited the course and received the certificate of care. Thanks to the "Basic course for care" many participants received a new job perspective.


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