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Goldstück and Manpower create professional perspectives

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Training and job placement hand in hand

Read the actual Facebook-Post from Manpower:

Are you looking for a job with a future? Decide now for training in nursing! And get the course financed through temp training!

In cooperation with Manpower we offer the following courses (recognized by temptraining): Safety training supervision: This course is the preparation for your professional start in nursing. Nursing assistant course: The curriculum corresponds to the national curriculum for courses in nursing assistance and the certificate "Nursing assistant" is recognized by all health insurance companies throughout Switzerland.

Funding of the two online courses: The current COVID-19 situation means a financial bottleneck for some. Goldstück AG offers individual solutions for people who have difficulties in pre-financing the course until temptraining reimburses the costs. You can find more information here: and here:

You can register for the courses here:  (Klicken Sie auf Kurse "temptraining")