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Sanitas und Goldstück launch care giver offer

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Well taken care at home

SUPPORTING AT HOME is a new service provided by the Sanitas to improve the counseling, support and care of people in need of care and their relatives. It is aimed at Sanitas customers with semi-private or private supplementary hospital insurance and with a corresponding need for care or advice. Sanitas wants to relieve its customers in every phase of a necessary care or long-term care in everyday life and provide them with access to a suitable service provider and the corresponding assistance. With LIFE SUPPORT, Sanitas can help its customers and their dependents early on and meet their specific needs. Sanitas wants to offer its customers orientation and added value in the area of ​​care and support. With a multi-stage needs analysis, the individual needs are determined. In cooperation with Goldstück, individual solutions can be found. The customer and his relatives receive easy access to competent providers and orientation in the care system. This relieves the strain on everyday life and improves the quality of the support chain.