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The successful completion of the "Basic course for care" is the minimum requirement in the field of care for registering on this platform. In this way a minimum standard is created for this formerly opaque sector. Individuals can contact caregivers directly over this platform and individually negotiate the terms of employment.  The platform allows the easy completion of employment formalities for individuals.

The service is free of charge and is offered by Goldstück AG in cooperation with Goldstück AG was founded about a year ago and is focussing on three topics. These are besides education - among others with the "Basic course for care" - living and society. The company was founded by the multiple prizewinner and serial entrepreneur Barbara Radtke. enables the conclusion of an employment with just a few clicks. Instead of communicating with different contact points to correctly register and insure domestic workers users have one competent contact person for all requirements. is offered by ServiceHunter AG and is online since autumn 2011. The spin-off of ETH Zurich has currently 12 employees and is cooperating with all cantonal compensation funds and tax authorities in Switzerland. is supported by the Federal Promotion Agency for Innovation (KTI).