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Meeting of the Chinese Red Cross and Goldstück

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 Meeting of the Chinese Red Cross and Goldstück at Insel-Spital & BZ Pflege

Barbara Radtke (Member of the Board of Directors of the Insel Group) and Uwe E. Jocham (President of the Insel Group) welcomed the visitors to the main entrance of the Inselspital. The delegation was chaired by Ms. Jiang Dan (Director Business Development Center of the Red Cross Society of China) and was composed of ten people. The visit was primarily for the exchange of experience in medical education. These are crucial for the Chinese Red Cross - it operates in the country of the middle 5,000 nursing homes. In view of the demographic development in China, training in care will become even more important. The delegation visited the University Emergency Center. There, Dr. Piotr Bednarski (Senior Physician) and Petra Fuchs (Head of Nursing) discuss emergency procedures. The delegation made a tour of the intensive care, emergency and operating rooms. At the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Mueller (Managing Director of the Co-Clinic) and Edith Gabriel (Head of Nursing Services) on gynecology and obstetrics and primary care for newborns. The Chinese delegation presented the island group with a wooden model of a Chinese temple and a calligraphic image. In return, she received a Swiss rock crystal, a jukebox and medical flashlights. After a joint lunch at the Panorama Restaurant, the Chinese guests visited the Bernese Nursing Education Center in the afternoon